The importance of Grooming Pets Regularly

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So you finally decided to get a dog, congratulations on your new family member! You have probably read about the type of dog you decided to get. The information usually includes the size, weight and temperament of your dog BUT there is unfortunately little to no information on how often your pet will need to be groomed.

So let’s go over that…

Whether you got a small or large breed dog  short or long hair, hypoallergenic or not, your dog needs to be groomed. Some more often than others.

Short hair dogs generally shed more often, and are simpler to groom. They will need regular baths and brush outs which you can do in the comfort of your home using soft rubber brushes.

However, hypoallergenic dogs and dogs which hair grows long, needs to be regularly trimmed and brushed. This is done by a groomer. In order to keep your pet comfortable, they should be groomed no less than every 8 weeks. Some grooming salons offer classes to pet owners who are interested in grooming their own pets but in that case you would need to purchase all the necessary tools to properly groom your pet, which include a professional trimmer, paw trimmer, straight and curved scissors and thinners, nail clippers and quality shampoo and conditioners.

For theses reasons, most pet owners find it simpler and less time consuming to take their pet to a grooming salon. In this case, your only task is to keep your pet well brushed so there aren’t any extra charges when taking your pet for a groom. It is also best to set up your next grooming appointment right away so you don’t get stuck waiting weeks before your groomer of choice is able to schedule you in again. Your pet will take time to adjust to grooming and to the person grooming them. And remember to always tip your groomer!

Grooming a pet can be a challenge. Your groomer not only cuts their hair but cleans the ears, butts and cuts their nails!

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